The Team Canvas is Business Model Canvas for teamwork. It is a free tool for leaders, facilitators and consultants to organize team alignment meetings and bring members on the same page, resolve conflicts and build productive culture, fast.

Essentials of Teamwork Design

  • What Is a Team (and What It Is Not)
  • Traits and Habits of High Performing Teams
  • Understanding Group Development Cycle
  • Group Dynamics 101
  • Leadership and Followership
  • Learnings from the Team-Driven Cultures

As a leader or facilitator, you experience moments when you need to bring team members together, clarify their goals, figure out their motivations and help them to be more aligned and productive.

Use Team Canvas to start a structured conversation with the team and bring everyone on the same page. Groups that go through Team Canvas sessions report higher clarity and alignment, with less friction and conflict.

In the long run, use Team Canvas to start shaping the team culture at your company or collective.

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